Daily Live ZOOM Q&A

September 21 – September 25 from 3pm – 4pm


Every afternoon from 3:00 p.m until 4:00 p.m there will be a live panel from the office of School Choice & Parental Options available to answer any Magnet related questions starting Monday, September 21 through Friday, September 25, 2020.

Even though the Q&A sessions are not required, it is highly encouraged you attend to ask or listen in on any other questions being asked. Participants may join the (recorded) ZOOM sessions at any time within the one hour period to participate. Please note: the online sessions are limited to one hour due to staff scheduling, if you plan on attending, try not to join too late within the hour.


Use the link below to join the ZOOM Q&A.

Meeting ID: 637 957 6995
Passcode: 1450